About Hi Mountain Outfitters Bison & Buffalo Hunts

Hi Mountain Bison & Buffalo Hunts was founded by Dick and Elaine Jorgenson on a spacious and beautiful plot of land in Peoa, Utah, which has been in the Jorgenson family for generations. What started out as a small buffalo herd has grown over the past fifteen years to over seventy head of buffalo and includes many cows, several bulls, and grows every year thanks to sustainable breeding practices and new birth calves. We offer buffalo and bison hunts year round and gladly accept hunting reservations from our guest hunters.

At Hi Mountain Bison & Buffalo Hunts, we are in the business of buffalo hunting because we love big game hunting and want to bring it to everyone. We pride ourselves on being one of the largest privately owned American bison herds in the west and the top reserve hunting location in Utah. We welcome visitors from all over the nation, and know that hunting a buffalo during one of our guided hunting tours will be an unforgettable experience. We've seen hunters well into their retirement who have had a life long dream of hunting a buffalo, company and corporate retreats, and younger hunters. Some of our favorite experiences have been with hunters who bring grandchildren along as part of their reserve buffalo hunting trip.

In addition to the bison hunting you can do while you're visiting at Hi Mountain Bison & Buffalo Hunts, we also offer help with skinning and butchering the buffalo you've killed. If you'd rather not wait the time for your buffalo hide to be properly tanned, we also have a few hides on hand. We also offer buffalo memorabilia as part of our mission to be the best buffalo hunting outfitter in Utah and the nation. You can find hunting artwork, buffalo canes, and several other souvenirs available for purchase. Please contact us if you have any additional questions that you can't find answers to on our site.IMG_5218