What You Need For Your Buffalo Hunt

A group of bison peacefully grazing on a lush green field.WHAT SHOULD YOU KNOW TO PREPARE FOR YOUR BUFFALO HUNT?

You've just reserved your buffalo hunt, or you're just about to come visit us for your bison hunt. What do you need to know before you come, and what should you be aware of for when you get here and your buffalo hunt starts? Those are great questions, and we hope you'll be able to find the answers you're looking for.

What To Bring For Your Hunt

If you have experience with hunting you probably have a good idea what you need to bring with you for a buffalo hunt. However, if you've never done big game hunting, like hunting a buffalo, there are a few things you should know.

In addition to your normal gear and clothing we strongly recommend you bring a rifle that is of the appropriate caliber to kill an animal the size of a buffalo, which can be pretty large. To give you an idea of how large exactly, feel free to look at some of the animals we've had killed by other guests. Believe it or not, .44 magnum and .338 rounds can bounce off of a buffalo's skull, so make sure you have something heavy enough to bring them down. A 175 grain round or larger is probably around the size you should be looking for with your rounds. .50 caliber or a 45-7o Sharp are both great examples of a round that will take down a buffalo.

If you plan on hunting your buffalo with a bow, please make sure you bring a good quality bow that is capable of firing an arrow quickly enough to pierce a buffalo hide. We recommend a bow capable of firing arrows with at least eighty pounds of draw. In addition, please bring broad-head or similar arrows that are at least 600-700 grains when weighed. Bows of this draw strength and arrows of this weight and head should be able to quickly and humanely kill a buffalo, provided your aim is good.

Sadly, although we can guarantee your animal for you, we can't guarantee your aim, so you'll have to take care of that one yourself.

What To Wear When You Hunt

First of all, you can expect to come for your hunt whenever you want, whether you'd like to hunt during the spring, summer, fall, or winter. The time of year will change the experience you have during your buffalo hunt, so we recommend that you bring appropriate clothing for the weather.

If you come during the spring, please be prepared with clothing that will stand up to a bit of mud and rain, as the Utah climate can be fairly unpredictable. Some years there won't be much rain during the spring, but other years it can rain non stop. You should check the weather before you come and be ready for surprises while you're here. If you come during the summer you should still bring study clothing, but you can wear a bit lighter clothing, just be aware that buffalo are still large, aggressive animals that can pose a danger, so flimsy clothing might not be the best idea.

The fall, like the spring, can be a bit fickle in Utah, so be prepared for that as well. Winds pick up and temperatures can drop rapidly even when the rest of the day looks warm and sunny, which means it will probably be a good idea to bring thicker clothing that will keep you warm. Layering your clothing will probably be a good idea in case the weather picks up afterwards. Winters in Utah are usually fairly cold, whether or not there is a lot of rain or snow in a given year. If you're from a warmer climate like Arizona or New Mexico we strongly recommend you bring enough clothing to keep you warm, as we would hate for you to be more focused on the cold than you are on your buffalo hunt.

If you have any additional questions not answered here, please contact us so that we can answer them for you.